Single use plastic products...pollution...the environment...our future..our children's future...toxic...dangerous...these are all words and phrases we are all very familar with ... we started our  journey in 2015..when will you start yours ?


Can you believe it...say you work in an Office....say you have a cup of tea twice a day...maybe even water as well but we'll stick to the 2 x cups of tea. Now say you have 5 weeks holiday (well if you worked for me you'd have that and more)..anyway and the maths gives you 47 x 5 x 2 ..still with me ????? Yay that is  470 minimum (remember the water!!) disposable cups used just by YOU in one year . So you see I was shocked because I hadn't even calculated my odd commuter ones as well. So then we start looking at other things and YES  I like a straw with my cocktail or my luxury hot chocolate (note we supply removable silicone tips..no burnt lips for you)....so here we come to the small linen bag that you can put within a bag or your pocket ...enough straws within to share ..or not the end of the world if the waiter nabs your glass that has your lovely straw in.

SOOO long story made short...these are easy...easy to carry easy to use and most importantly YOU are doing something positive - if you are lucky your coffee shop might give you a BYO discount...'Bring Your Own' for those not in the know .....in fact it's all possibly great  ..you are contributing to a more sustainable planet..building a future not just for others but also yourself..so even if you don't buy from ecohero2100 that is cool...we've had a good chat ..thank you

Oh great , still reading ...so we have an online store..also appear at various markets and events and also have an ongoing offer for cups purchases....Christmas Stocking Filler..Birthday Present..Present for just YOU??​..I often buy my own but that's by the by!!!

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