Back in November Brits were dreaming of a Green Christmas green were you???

I don't know about you but the excess ..the waste troubles me and I feel it is coming to some great crescendo.

Being of the age when Santa Claus is long gone I approach the 'Festive Season' with dread.

First off being asked what one would like for Christmas in September will not get greeted with much enthisusiam BIG NO

Then the cards-this is a tricky one as I admire anyone who is true to their word and donates all funds that would have been spent on cards and propping up The Royal Mail but there are those of a certain age who welcome that card dropping through their letter box with the good wishes for health and happiness for the forthcoming year.

...The bit we've all been waiting for ..the presents..ah the joy of recieving those well-chosen/thought of gifts..the running top you always wanted rather than the note paper and pen-certainly thoughtful as one does need to write a 'Thank You' but hhhmmm not very exciting (one could even suggest wasteful???).

Then the wrapping paper,bow and tag...the stolen minutes taken to loving disguise what is to be ripped off in seconds and discarded on the floor ...


Ok I finish here so 2020 I am going to make a few tweaks...

Cards...I promise to you I will condense my list that gets posted in that red box and move more to electronic and YES I will ensure the £1 saved per card does good somewhere.

Presents...I will think about this earler and not before the week of Christmas and hence I will buy with more thought rather than 'Supermarket Sweep'

Wrapping ah that is easy ..I will use beautiful material that I already have and tie them with ribbons already in my possession (the name tags I need to work on ).

Happy Green Year to you all ...

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