It's Saturday Afternoon...

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

It's a Saturday afternoon and the sun is out but the streets are quiet ...infact this could be just any old day since 'Lockdown'.

As we adjust to our new lives a few striking points have certainly hit me.

1. I obviously don't enjoy cleaning the flat as previously I thought I had no time for it -now I find I have the time in abundance but just not the motivation.

2. Can you believe how loud those birds are? Actually who, what are these birds that are merrily singing every morning?

3. So much time is spent looking out of my window and two things constantly 'hit' me ..the beauty of cherry blossom and the blueness of the plane free sky.

4....I am truly starting to slow down..any day now I might grind to a halt as it has been 9 days since I started this piece.

........when this is over ....the 'new normal' returns what do we really really look forward to ?

Is it a holiday?

Shopping trip?

Visit to see Family and Friends?

or as BBC Radio London DJ said last Saturday morning that he longed to put on his best suit/dress up and with his wife and friends dine up town.

......what will you be doing???? I am taking all the time in the world to ponder

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