This is the question the New York Students are now asking on Day 2

Should Plastic Bags Be Banned Everywhere?

New York has a new law that bans most single-use plastic bags like the ones found in grocery stores, drugstores and boutiques. For residents of New York state, the store-provided plastic bag were no longer an option from 1st March 2020.

These are these are just some of the questions they are asking themselves and others...

Do you think all communities should do the same?

When you buy something in a store, do you rely on the store’s plastic bags to get your items home? Or do you bring your own reusable bag — or just skip the bag entirely?

What do you think about New York’s new law?

Is something similar in effect where you live? If not, do you wish it were? Why or why not? How concerned are you about the negative environmental effects of errant bags that end up in animal habitats and landfills?

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