Would the recycle game work in your office????

Using the sorting game as a learning tool, Professor Zhao of the University of British Columbia says improper behaviours were almost universally corrected within three weeks.

Despite spending years studying recycling behaviour, Zhao acknowledges she herself didn't always recycle, especially when she was in a rush. That's why she felt cities needed to understand psychological behaviour to design solutions that would divert waste from landfills.

"The lesson was not to blame people, not to say, 'Oh, you're lazy or you're not doing your job,'" said Zhao.

"The point was, 'You want to recycle? Okay, great. Now, how can we make it easier, so that you can actually do it?'"

Zhao and her designed a game where players would sort recyclables and then be offered a score on their performance.

Players were tested on one UBC's campus' main contaminants: coffee cups..sound familiar???. Though they often ended up in the paper recycling, they should have be included with cans and bottles because they have a plastic lining.

HHHHMMM so to recycle you also need to learn about the product you are using??? Is that a bad thing...should we not be more careful with the products we eat and drink from..

Why not try this game out?

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