Eco Friendly Easter Egg(half shell of egg) containing Stojo Cup, 2 x Bamboo Toothbrushes


EGG SHELL ..this a half filled egg

  • This is a half filled egg shell
  • Handmade and painted using papier mache and non toxic paints
  • All half shells come in differnet shapes and machinary has been used snd hence each is unique
  • These half eggs are delicate and lovingly handmade
  • The shells come in all sizes and shapes..and are fully compostable. No dangerous chemicals have been used.
  • Additional  packaging within  and around the egg is newspaper confetti  
  • Recycled ribbons or biodegradable twine have been used for decoration

STOJO Collapsible Cup-an easy fit for your pocket or bag.

  • Leak proof
  • Made from food grade, recyclable materials.
  • BPA and phthalate free and microwave safe.
  • 12oz in size (classed as a medium size cup in most coffee shops)*
  • See image of green cup in above gallery showing marked measurements within the inside of cup..12oz full, 10oz and 8oz
  • Collapses to a 5cm disk..handy for pocket/bag 
  • Ideal 'Commuter Cup'
  • Best of all many coffee shops are now offering a 'Bring Your Own' all in all, in time this cup even pays for itself in no time