Eco Friendly Easter Egg (half shell of egg)containing Stojo Cup, 2 x Bamboo Toothbrushes & Bamboo Travel Cutlery Pack


GREEN STOJO Collapsible Cup-an easy fit for your pocket or bag.

  • Leak proof
  • Made from food grade, recyclable materials.
  • BPA and phthalate free and microwave safe.
  • 12oz in size (classed as a medium size cup in most coffee shops)*
  • See image of green cup in above gallery showing marked measurements within the inside of cup..12oz full, 10oz and 8oz
  • Collapses to a 5cm disk..handy for pocket/bag 
  • Ideal 'Commuter Cup'
  • Best of all many coffee shops are now offering a 'Bring Your Own' all in all, in time this cup even pays for itself in no time


The Bamboo Toothbrush with SOFT Charcoal Bristles..BPA free

  • Toothbrush Handle is 18.5 cm in length and splinter free. The bamboo has been ethically sourced and grown specifically for such products and therefore has no ill effects on wildlife.
  • Red painted tip/end
  • Bristles are soft, black in colour and made from  80% DuPont and 20% bamboo activated with charcoal (this is to food grade certifcation).


The Bamboo Toothbrush with MEDIUM DuPont Bristles..BPA Free
  • Toothbrush Handle above
  • Black painted tip/bottom.
  • Bristles are medium , steely grey in colour and made from Dupont Filaments (this is the nylon that is used for the majority of plastic handled toothbrushes and also grade recommended by dentists)**these bristles MUST be removed and disposed of separately prior to putting the handle into the compost bin.


  • Packaging (if applicable) is a Kraft paper box that has had no chemical or glues used in its production.
  • Biodegrade time-line is dependent on your compost facility. It can take up to 6 months for handle to breakdown or 12-15 months for the whole model. The box would take approximately 2 months.


Eco Friendly Portable/Travel Cutlery Set;-

The bag contains;-

1 x Knife

1 x Fork

1 x Spoon

1 x Pair Of Chopsticks


  • Cutlery is made from natural bamboo. There have been no harmful pesticides or dangerous chemical used in the manufacture. For preservation and longevity we recommend washing by hand ( though this product can be placed into the dishwasher)
  • The bamboo cutlery is fully biodegradable
  • Lightweight cotton bag that is durable and can be thrown in with laundry washing
  • This product is BPA free dangerous chemicals have been used in any part of the manufacture of this product
  • The pack is light, easy, durable and will fit easily into your pocket or have all the utensils you need in one place and to hand. Why not leave a pack on your office desk..take it camping, travelling, use at festivals..perfect for the busy lives we lead and the ideal gift.


Additional notes on how to care for your bamboo and increase longevity

  • Try to rinse cutlery as soon as possible after use.
  • Do not let you cutlery soak for long in water as this can shorten the lfie of the bamboo.
  • Should your bamboo look and feel dry then treat it with mineral or bamboo oil . Rub at few drops of the oil by using a clean cloth onto the utensils and allow to dry prior to re-using. This process can be repeated as many times as wished/required.
  • Bamboo absorbs so please do not use on raw eggs or meat ....if so please wash thoroughly afer use


**These products have been ethically sourced and produced.   

These half eggs are delicate and lovingly handmade...come in all sizes and shapes..and are  fully compostable. No dangerous chemicals have been used. Additional packaging is newspaper confetti and recycled ribbons have been used for decoration. Every effort has been used to not create more waste

Eco Friendly Easter Egg & Gift(4piece)

  • Full refund on all products unused, unopened and still in packagaing

  • 3-5 days, 2nd class 

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