4 x Bamboo Toothbrushes with SOFT Charcoal Bristles..BPA free
Toothbrush Handle is 18.5 cm in length and splinter free. The bamboo has been ethically sourced and grown specifically for such products and therefore has no ill effects on wildlife.

Toothbrush Bottoms/Tips each are dipped in six different colours bottomed so everyone knows which brush belongs to whom ... green,red,yellow and black 

Bristles are soft, black in colour and made from  80% DuPont and 20% bamboo activated with charcoal (this is to food grade certifcation).


Packaging  is fully compostable . Kraft paper is used for the toothbrushes boxes, label/tag and outer wrapping . The tape also has no chemicals or glues used in its production. The tie is Natural Jute Twine.


Biodegrade time-line is dependent on your compost facility. It can take up to 6 months for handle to breakdown or 12-15 months for the whole model. The box and wrapping would take approximately 2 months. 


4 x Biodegradable Toothbrushes

  • ....additional notes/thoughts 

    How to remove the bristles? If you use pliers you will find that each filament will come out quite easily

    How to look after your toothbrush? The handle will darken naturally anyway with exposure to water but we recommend that you dry handle after use and store toothbrush upright  

    How to speed up the decomposing? Take a hammer to the handle ..the smaller the pieces the faster and easier it will degrade


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